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today we are getting a new skin c: also there are a bunch of canons up for grabs as well!
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 Rules, Please read.
Babbie Bee
 Posted: Oct 1 2014, 09:07 AM
Babbie Bee
is currently N/A.
23 secrets

You know you love them! Just read these rules
to have the best experience here at capo dei capi!


Alright, so first of all, you need to register with
your character's first & last name. LOWERCASE
Please be sure of your name choice before you apply to the site.

You need to do your application above anything!
Then, you need to post in the face claim, following
the other claims.

Please talk to us! That is what the C-BOX is for!
We are very sociable here at capo dei capi, and
we are welcoming to all new members, so don't
be shy!

( C-BOX)

So, here's the deal. Don't go advertising in the C-BOX!
Seriously, that is what the advertising board is for.
Don't worry, people will see it if they want to, stop
making us!

No fighting! Guys, really, be mature. Don't act like six
year olds and fight over stupid things. I've seen and
heard them enough to know that they are annoying!

Remember: Don't be shy! We LOVE to chat with you!


First things first, sex & drugs WILL happen. But,
there is one exception, no rated X things. I don't
think I need to type them here. But, I THINK you
know what I mean. Make sure to put [M] in the
title if you are going to make it R rated. Cursing
is unlimited and you don't need to put it in the

There is no limit to how many words you type!
The more the better, but there isn't a minimum of
how many you NEED to type. But we encourage you
to match up with the person you are rping with.

Remember spell check! Grammar check!


There isn't a limit on how many characters you can
have. But you must put them ALL on different
accounts. It gets confusing for some people, even
if it isn't confusing for you, be considerate. If you
have four characters, one of the characters has to
be a boy. That's great if all of them are, the more
the better! Boys seem to be the minimum of chara-
cters on most sites.

After the first three characters, you must have a minimum
of 100+ ic posts ( for each character ) to make more characters than that.
Believe me it will happen in no time!

No Mary-Sue's or Gary-Sue's allowed. ALL people have
flaws and your characters have to too!

Find you are planning to join under a mob there are two options:
1. Trying out for a canon that is already made (Pre made character)
2. Applying as someone who works under the mob ( only application needed ) We also encourage you to pm the don's player before going on with this creation.
*Unless you have permission under don's player with a plot line in mind

keep in mind we have no job claim boards.


Can you please, please, please stay active?
We cannot stress this enough, it is okay if
you have to go on vacation or something like
that, but don't just disappear, post on the
leaving forum or the talk forum, please.
We'll think you died if you don't tell us! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif


Thank you for viewing capo dei capi here! We
are really happy you were interested and hope
you will join! You will have a great time here, and
don't forget to have fun, post, make plots, and
test out your skills here.

Your admins.

MAC?! at CAUTION 2.0 made this template. Do not remove credit. (:

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