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today we are getting a new skin c: also there are a bunch of canons up for grabs as well!
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 On Enemy Territory
Gabrielle Ana Ballarino
 Posted: Dec 18 2014, 10:12 AM
Gabrielle Ana Ballarino
is currently N/A.
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where was she going? she didn't know. he could still kill her if he wanted to. that was the scary part. if only he knew he was talking about her father. but then again if he knew, who knew what could happen after that. she sat in the passenger seat as he sat all quiet himself. he was mean. very mean. heartless was too harsh of a word. so mean was the right word to use for him. so he was not being nice to her. so saving her from bullets was not being nice to her. " well thank you for not killing me even though you are not being nice to me " she said with a roll of her eyes. mentally she called him a bald jerk, but she wouldn't dare say it out loud. she had no idea where they were going here anyway. " gosh you weren't this much of a jerk in school " she grumbled as she crossed her arms over one another. instead of looking toward him, she shifted herself to look out the window. where did this guy live? the middle of no where? it looked liked where her parents cabin was...well it wasn't really a cabin. but she went there a lot. where they close? maybe she would just spend the night there and call out sick tomorrow or something. she still had a couple sick days that she could use.
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skin created by miss texas. at caution 2.0.